Photo Gallery of 2021 Road Rides

Photo Gallery of 2021 MTB Rides

Photo Gallery of 2022 Road Rides

Photo Gallery of 2022 MTB Rides

A word of thanks to our sponsors & partners...



You can’t put a price on safety!  When we think of road or MTB cycling in South Africa, both disciplines bring their own challenges to safety on the tar and dirt roads we all ride.

Our priority has been safety at all the outrides, ensuring every rider feels safe, maximising the enjoyment level throughout the day.  With the Think Bike Marshals we have achieved zero incidents throughout 2021 at both the road and mtb events.  From group marshalling to static points duty, Think Bike are maticulous in their planning and beyond professional in their event and rider care.

Think Bike, we thank you so much for every rider you have kept safe.


We have worked hard throughout 2021 to offer the best to all riders at every water point, at every ride.  This has been made easier with 32Gi sponsoring us with the best nutrition – Endure and Hydrate.  In addition to the water point offering, 32Gi has been contributing to the goodie bags, adding a little something special to all the riders, such as their Cramp Assault, Race Pro, and awesome yellow water bottles.

32Gi, we thank you for your massive contribution throughout 2021!

Squirt Cycling Products


Squirt Cycling Products have kept our bikes clean, chains lubed, bums protected and wheels rolling over the thousands of kilometres we have hosted this year.  Squirt have contributed massively to our outrides and tour in 2021 from the goodie bags to the water points and support vehicles, ensuring we have product available whenever needed.

Their contribution of products has included Chain Lube, Barrier Balm, Bike Cleaner and Tyre Sealant.  We are truly grateful for this contribution and to know all the riders will have the best products with them for an amazing riding experience.



Whether you’re on the bike or off, having the right apparel is part of the game.  We have been super fortunate to have the partnership of both Sox Footwear and Van H.

Sox Footwear’s core business is to provide athletes with top-quality performing products, proudly manufactured in South Africa.  Whether it be Drake Events Sox or one of the hundreds of designs from the Sox portfolio, we have seen Sox Footwear expand massively in the Cycling Industry.  There’s no doubt why, with absolute comfort, durability and affordability.


Van H’s entire production process from design to final product is done in-house at their design shop in Pretoria.  Most of the fabrics are imported from Italy – from Borgini, Carvico, Jersey Lomellina and M.i.t.i Spa.  All the pads they use are from Elastic Interface in Italy.

They endlessly test, try, tweak and learn to stay ahead in the industry and to be able to constantly offer the best quality and creative products.  Working with Van H is a seamless process (see what we did there), and they constantly achieve more in the design and quality than we could ask for.



Thank you to NL Photography for the thousands of photo’s taken during the day.  The result of a passion for cycling and photography aligning is clearly evident in the photo’s.

Let’s all support Nicolette and purchase your memorable snaps from the day via the below link.