Event Staff

A few of the core values through all our staff is to ensure they are trained, friendly, professional and fun.  Below is a breakdown of staff we provide to all events around Gauteng and surrounding areas:  


Our professional Event Managers ensure all events are run to your requirements.  You will always have someone to liaise with before, during and after your event.  


Our Hosts and Hostesses are well groomed and well spoken individuals.  Their primary purpose at an event is to ensure everyone feels welcome and happy through the course of the event.  Our hosts and hostesses are at a Supervisor level to ensure you have someone to talk to at all times, should a manager not be present.


We have various levels of bartenders available to you.  Our most premium bartender is the Flair Tender.  These guys will constantly entertain your guests by skillfully throwing bottles and cocktail shakers around whilst mixing an elegant cocktail. 

The next level of bartender is the Cocktail Bartender.  Although these guys and girls don't flair, they can definitely make a mean cocktail.  All cocktail bartenders have vast experience making cocktails as per a set menu as well as designing cocktails for you on the spot.

Last but not least we have our Standard Bartenders.   These guys and girls can handle high volume bars, serving up to two thousand people, as well as being hospitable and sociable for small, intimate gatherings.  


We cross train all our bar staff to ensure they are all available to work as waiters where needed.  This allows you, the client, the peace of mind to know you have the same standard in front of the bar as well as behind the bar.     


Truly trained professional's, one could consider what they do an art form.  Our Barista's serve truly great coffee from our coffee bars.  

Ice Cream Attendant

Our Ice-Cream Attendants make sure your ice cream is served just right from our ice cream bar.  Only the best home-made ice-cream with great toppings and delicious sauces, served by the makers themselves.