Who We Are

and what we do...


Drake, as a brand, represents running a company “By the Book”.  We believe in having relationship-based clients, where profit is not the only incentive to do work.  Trust, honesty, loyalty and dedication are a few words that describe how we run our operation at Drake.  The first phase in the Drake portfolio was to launch Drake Events. 


Drake Events may be young in the age of the company, but the experience behind the company expands to over twelve years in the events industry and many more years in hospitality.  We have taken the experience and the core values of how we run things in life, to start the company with the hope of working with everyone in the industry.  It may be easy to say we want to take over every event that happens, but in reality we want to work with others by bringing specific logistics we’re specialized in, as well as going beyond, outside our comfort level, in any way to assist other companies and clients.


The specialized service at Drake Events is providing mobile bar services and hospitality staff to private events around Gauteng and surrounding provinces.  Our staff has a reputation of being dressed immaculately in smart black attire, arriving on time and having great smiles and personalities…  being hospitable wherever needed at an event.  Drake Events believe in equal opportunity and employment and for this reason keep a database of staff of equal race and gender.  This represents the brand when we send staff to an event as well as giving the client an option of which race and gender they need based on their event demographics.


As mentioned, Drake is also a provider of mobile bar services.  This includes all aspects to the bars to include mobile bar counters, cocktails, coffee, ice-cream, non-alcoholic bars, full liquor service, ice, glassware, stock control and just about anything extra you want behind the bar to add that extra bit of class.  You name the location and we’ll bring the entire beverage operation to the event, be it in a house or on an open field.


Drake Events is also affiliated with numerous function venues around Johannesburg as well as having relationships with all the key service providers in the industry.  This will allow you to work with the best in the industry to include catering, sound, lighting, décor, staging and marquees through our consultancy whilst providing our services.


We hope to work with you, in any capacity, with the focus on keeping the longevity in our working relationship.  Whether it is a small house party, private corporate function or a two thousand-person marquee at the Vodacom Durban July, we are able to come to the party with great services.